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Poppy and Sam's Wind-Up Tractor Book

Where does the tractor move?

Three delightful tractor tales with a wind-up model tractor to bring the stories to life. Each story has a sturdy track embedded in the pages which the accompanying wind-up tractor toy can then be placed upon to follow around and bring the story to life.

It also includes pop-out models of all the favourite “Farmyard Tales” characters which slot firmly into the spaces around the track to complete the scenes.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Join Poppy and Sam on Apple Tree Farm in this fabulous interactive book. Wind up the tractor and watch as it whizzes around the tracks, and use the 30 pop-out pieces to tell the three stories in the book.

Sam Taplin has been in love with words for as long as he can remember. He started writing poetry at primary school, where Mrs Holloway warned him never to put a word in a poem just because it rhymed – advice he still tries to follow when wrestling with a new poem. After studying English literature at university he was full of long words and complicated sentences, but writing books for children has helped him to realise that you don’t need lots of words to say something properly – just the right ones.

Stephen Cartwright was a British children’s book illustrator who illustrated more than 150 books which sold millions of copies worldwide. His illustrations are noted for being instantly recognizable and usually depicting open-faced, innocent-looking children and animals.

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