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Please bring Balloons

Are polar bears able to fly? Perhaps…!

Please_bring_Balloons1When Emma discovers a scratch of paper peeking out from under the carousel polar bear’s saddle, she can barely believe her eyes. A polar bear which is able to write? Nevertheless she fulfils the polar bear’s wish. The next time she rides the carousel, she takes a red balloon with her and ties it to the polar bear’s saddle. Every afternoon she brings him more balloons. And after tying the last one, the polar bear flies with Emma over the roofs of the town towards the North Star, where they softly land in the snow.

Please_bring_Balloons2They make their way across an iceberg and a range of mountains, before they meet lots of polar bears on the last summit having a fantastic party. After the party Emma and the polar bear start back. While floating through the air Emma falls asleep on the polar bear’s back. The next morning, however, a big surprise waits for Emma at the carousel.





This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Lindsay Ward was born and raised in California and received her BA from Syracuse University. Lindsay is now a cut-paper artist living and working in Lakewood, Ohio with her family.

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