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Pippa Morgan's Diary

How can Pippa escape the self-inflicted mess?

Pippa’s new BFF Catie Brown is perfect. So perfect, that Pippa tells her a teeny tiny lie – that she once auditioned for Voice Factor-to impress her. And it works. It works so well, in fact, that Catie enters Pippa into the school talent show.

The only problem? Pippa can’t sing. Not at all. In fact, her singing is so bad it scares the neighbors. But if she doesn’t participate in the talent show, Catie will know she lied. But if she does participate, the whole school will find out what a horrible singer she is including Catie! It’s up to Pippa to put an end to this pesky problem!


This book is suitable for readers over 8 years old.

Annie Kelsey is inspired by her own tweenage disasters, which she used to record in a diary much like Pippa’s. Annie now lives a not-quite-so-disastrous life in London, England with her Family.

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