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Picklewitch and Jack

An encounter with a witch can mess up your life quite a bit ...

The dreadful strangers moved in on a wild and windy Thursday.’Fudgenuts,’ cursed Picklewitch, adjusting her cracked binoculars to get a better view of the comings-and-goings. ‘This won’t do at all. I bet they haven’t even bought me any cake.’Picklewitch is, quite literally, out of her tree.

She has a nose for naughtiness, a taste for trouble and a weakness for cake. And unluckily for brainbox Jack – winner of the ‘Most Sensible Boy in School‘ for the third year running – she’s about to choose him as her new best friend


This book is suitable for readers over 7 years old.

Picklewitch and Jack‘ Claire Barker`s  new series about a magical and wobbly friendship, is published by Faber and Faber. In 2019 it won the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award for the Best Read Aloud. 2020 will see publication of the third in the series.

Claire Barker‘s stories about Knitbone Pepper, the lovable ghost dog, are available in ten different languages. in 2017 they were shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Fiction award and won the Book Factor, an award voted for exclusively by children. In the same year she was nominated by Devon Librarians for the prestigious Ruth Rendell Award, for the author who has done the most to champion literacy.

Teemu Juhani is a Finnish illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer whose  illustrations have been published in picture books and children’s fiction in Finland, UK, US and China. In addition to children’s books Teemu has illustrated magazines and educational material. Originally from the fields and woods of North Karelia, Teemu now lives and works in Helsinki.

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