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Peter in Peril: Courage and Hope in World War Two

Sometimes only a colorful magic world helps in the darkest days ...

Peter is just an ordinary boy, who loves playing football with his friends and eating cake – until war comes to his city and the whole family have to go into hiding. This powerful graphic novel is based on a true story.

This moving, true story of the Second World War, set in Budapest, Hungary, shows in vivid words and pictures how Peter, his cousin Eva and his mum and dad bravely struggle to survive in a city torn apart by warfare.


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 10 years of age.

Based on real experience, this vivid graphic novel takes the reader right into the life of a family forced to live in secret when their city is occupied by enemy forces. Narrated by six-year old Peter, it conveys the fears, uncertainties and bewilderment of a child who never thought he or his parents were in any way different from anyone else and abruptly find themselves ostracised, forced out of their home, and at the mercy of armed soldiers. How they avoid being taken away, contrive to stay together, struggle to preserve their own normality and family life, in an city being torn apart by warfare, makes engrossing reading.

Helen Bate is an exciting and versatile illustrator, who previously qualified as an architect. Her picture book ABC UK by James Dunn was nominated for the Kate Greenway Medal. Helen is passionate about how good quality design can improve communication and has established Pictures to Share, a social enterprise publishing illustrated books for people with dementia which was the winner of the 2014 People’s Book Prize, Best Achievement Award.

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