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Peep Inside a Tree

Which animal must the beetles beware of?

Peep under leaves and behind branches to discover hibernating squirrels, creepy crawlies and more in this charming introduction to trees, filled with intricately cut flaps and holes to peep through.

Find out what trees need to grow, what happens to a tree through the seasons, how long an oak tree can live for and much more.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Anna Milbourne is the author of many books for children, including How Big Is A Million, How High Is the Sky?, How Deep Is the Sea? and On the Moon.

Simona Dimitri was Born in Busto Arsizio, Italy. She attended the Artistic Lyceum and Arte & Messaggio School in Milan. After working as a freelance Illustrator in Italy she moved to Zurich, Switzerland.  Her paintings and drawings are shown in several locations in Italy and in Switzerland.

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