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One Snowy Rescue

How is Little Hedgehog to free himself from the snow? Maybe by some help!

One_Snowy_Rescue1When Little Hedgehog wants to open the frontdoor, everything is stuck in snow. After clearing a way through the snow and snuggling up in front of the fireplace, he suddenly has to think of Mouse. On his way to her, he tumbles into a big snowdrift. How fortunate that he wears his red wooly bobble hat!

When Rabbit discovers the hat, they set off to visit Mouse together, but this is more difficult than thought before. Fortunately, Fox can help them. As Little Hedgehog even loses his red wooly hat, it is a good thing that Badger is near to rescue him and his wooly hat! And when the four friends have finally excavated the entrance to the mousehole, it is high time for a snugly supper.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

M Christina Butler was born in Scarborough. She had an idyllic childhood in the country where she spent her weekends playing on a farm among the animals. Christina has worked as a nurse, a pre-school nursery supervisor, and a governor at her local primary school, as well as writing a number of children’s books.

Tina Macnaughton has written and illustrated more than 20 picture books, board books and early reader novels. Herr books have been published in 37 different countries. In addition Tina has also created work for magazines, educational and greeting card publications.

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