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Ocean: A Photicular Book

How can you experience the world under water? Simply open this book!

How long has the octopus been around on our planet? How much offspring does a sand tiger shark produce? Where do anglerfish live? In this book you will find profiles for these and other fascinating animals including vital statistics such as size, habitat, range, diet, etc.

Due to the fascinating photicular technology you are informed about specific characteristics of these impressive animals in a gripping way. As the photicular process uses sliding lenses and four-colour video imagery, a magnificent film is created.


This book is suitable for children between 4 and 6 years of age.

Dan Kainen was born, and grew up in Washington DC. Dan is an artist, designer and inventor, living in New York City, and the creator of New York Times Best-seller “Safari: A Photicular Book with text by Carol Kaufmann. The basis for “Safari” is The Motion Viewer, the third patent, and first product in the field of integrated imaging from Dan Kainen.

Carol Kaufmann was born and grew up in Kentucky. The writer started working right out of college for CBS News in New York City and worked in Television for National Geographic. Her writing has appeared in Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, George, and in the anthology A Woman’s Europe. 

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