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Night Walker (Night Speakers 3)

Spin has always dwelled in the Darkness, but now he's about to come out of the shadows ...

Spin has always dwelled in the darkness. He was happy to lurk alone, until Elena, Matt and Tima came to disrupt his night-time world. Elena, Matt, and Tima are Night Speakers. They wake up at the same time, every night, and since the beginning of these wake-up calls they have all had the power to speak any language. And that doesn’t stop with humans.

Something weird is going on at the hospital-children are going in, and not coming out. The Night Speakers are investigating, but even they, with their incredible powers of communication with the animal world, are struggling to find out the truth. But Spin’s got a ringside seat. Because Spin’s got a secret, and he’s about to come out of the shadows.


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 11 years of age.

The third standalone book in the Night Speakers series – action adventures about contemporary children with extraordinary powers, told with award-winning author Ali Sparkes’s classic humour and energy.

Ali Sparkes was a journalist and BBC broadcaster until she chucked in the safe job to go dangerously freelance and try her hand at writing comedy scripts. Her first venture was as a comedy columnist on Woman’s Hour and later on Home Truths. Not long after, she discovered her real love was writing for children. Ali grew up adoring adventure stories about kids who mess about in the woods, and still likes to mess about in the woods herself whenever possible. She lives with her husband and two sons in Southampton. Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award, Riveting Reads Book Award, Essex Book Award, Stockport Children’s Book Award, Warwickshire Junior Book Award, West Sussex Children’s Book Award, East Sussex Book Award, Redbridge Childrens Book Award, Steyning GS Book Award, Sefton Children’s book Award, and shortlisted for even more!

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