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Night Raiders (Night Speakers 2)

Take a breath and hold!

Since the 1.34 a.m. wake up calls began, Elena, Matt, and Tima had all had the power to talk to animals, birds and insects like no other human could. None of them would ever trade that for a full eight hours sleep. It was too amazing.

But an amazing life has its complications. Like finding a body in the dark. Like having to stop the world from ending. You can fit a lot in your day when you don’t sleep. 


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 11 years of age.

New from award-winning author, Ali Sparkes, with huge appeal for both boys and girls. Fast-paced action adventure about contemporary children with mysterious powers, told with Ali’s classic humour and lightness of touch.

Winner of the Blue Peter Award for Frozen In Time, Ali Sparkes has published more than 40 adventures for children and young adults over the past decade. Ali always meant to be a singer and an actress but instead found herself writing for a local newspaper, before joining the BBC as a regional broadcast journalist. After a stint writing comedy shorts for BBC Radio 4 she decided to try writing children’s fiction – and in 2004 got her first book deal, for the five part Shapeshifter series, with Oxford Children’s Books. Her perhaps darkest novel is Death By Detention – published by Coven – an edgy teen thriller and the first in her new Teen Ops series.

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