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Never Tickle a Tiger

What happens when Izzy tickles the tiger? Something unbelievable!

Izzy is constantly jiggling, shuffling, twitching and squirming. Even when visiting the zoo she tries to stroke the snakes, she uses the tortoises as musical instruments and she pokes the peacock. During the lunch break she feels totally bored. Izzy balances over the bench, tumbles on the ground, crawls through the bushes and finally arrives at the tiger enclosure.

Her teacher has warned her, but Izzy can’t resist the urge. She takes a feather, tickles the tiger and then the zoo is in a state of complete disorder! Very quickly, Izzy gets tired of the screaming, quacking, squirming, fidgeting, tingling and clattering of the others and takes decisive action. What will happen next?


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Pamela Butchart is a young picture book author and a teacher of Philosophy. Pamela lives in Dundee with her family.


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