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My First Art Activity Book: 35 Easy and Fun Projects for Children Aged 7 Years +

How do you craft a robot? You will learn about it and other great ideas in this book!

My_first_Art_activity_book2In this book you can discover 35 great creative projects at different levels of difficulty for various age groups. On every page there are fantastic colour photos, material lists, tool lists and a step-by-step instruction. Before you start crafting, you should get to know something about the basic equipment, materials and tools you will need for your crafting projects.

Whether you print funny faces, make wax frogs and unusual paper ships or design a cheeky cat from tissue paper, there is certainly something for each of you. Moreover, you will find some tips on techniques and templates for the crafting projects. Have fun!


This book is suitable for readers over 7 years old.

Clare Youngs is a designer/maker working with paper and fabric. She trained as a graphic designer and has worked in the industry, mainly in packaging design but has a life long interest in everything handmade and since childhood has enjoyed making beautiful handcrafted objects.

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