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My Explosive Adventure: Eliza Boom's Diary

How can Eliza Boom protect her father’s invention? By means of a good idea and some help from friends!

Eliza Boom’s father likes to say: Before every good invention there are 99 not-so-good ones. Meanwhile Eliza is on her 92nd one. Only Einstein, her dog, understands her. Eliza’s father, an inventor like her, her stepmother and her little sister have not been too enthousiastic about Eliza’s inventions so far. After all, who likes to have exploding curlers in his hair or dishwashing gloves without finger tips?

Perhaps, Eliza’s life would be easier if terrible Zoe Wakefiled were nicer towards her and invited her to her birthday party? Although Eliza has a good idea for a present, her wish doesn’t come true! Zoe only likes the striped gift ribbon Eliza has found in the garden and isn’t seen without it anymore. When Eliza learns that this ribbon, of all things, is one of her father‘s major inventions, she tries to retrieve it. But, unfortunately, there are also other people who are interested in her father’s invention. Eliza quickly needs a plan!


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 10 years of age.

Emily Gale has been involved in the children’s book industry for nearly twenty years and has worked as an editor, reviewer, talent finder and literary award judge. She spent several happy years at independent bookshop Readings as a children’s book buyer, during which time she was instrumental in establishing their Children’s Book Prize.  Emily’s writing includes two novels for teenagers – Girl, Aloud and Steal My Sunshine – and Eliza Boom’s Diary for younger readers.

Joëlle Dreidemy was born in Saint-Avold in France. She gained a diploma in Strasbourg in 2002 and a diploma from the famous Emile Cohl School in Lyon in 2004. Joëlle lives and works in Paris, producing illustrations for magazines and children’s books.


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