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Sometimes starting over offers something beautiful. Especially for Mim!

Mim has had enough. First, she has been dragged from her home and, second, she has to conduct an interview with the principal at her new school together with her father and her stepmother. So Mim runs off. She hops on a Greyhound bus after stuffing clothes, medicine, crisps and her stepmother’s coffee can full of money into her backback. She finally wants to find out why she hasn’t heard from her real mother for three months.

On her trip Mim meets lots of different people: Old and wonderful Arlene, eerie Poncho Man and handsome and likeable-looking Beck. When Arlene dies in an accident due to a blown tire, Mim wants to take a small, mysterious box to her nephew Ahab. But this is more difficult than Mim has thought before. Pursued by the uncanny Poncho Man, she meets Walt, who travels alone just like her. But Mim’s exciting journey is by no means at an end!


This book is suitable for readers over 12 years old.

David Arnold writes stories and songs. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his Family. His previous jobs include freelance musician/ producer, preschool teacher, barista, and stay-at-home dad. David is a fierce believer in the power of kindness and community.

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