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Mommy, Daddy, and Me!

It's the most beautiful with Mommy and Daddy!

In this sweet, interactive board book, Little Bear gets to play with his parents, both separately and together.


With innovative die-cuts and lift-the-flaps, you can watch as Little Bear is passed from one parent to the next – how they tickle each other, and how they cheer up Little Bear when he’s feeling down.


This book is suitable for children between 2 and 4 years of age.

Adorably illustrated, this is a book that’s all about the fun of families playing together.

Eve Tharlet studied art in Strasbourg, and is the illustrator of A Promise is a Promise, Mr. Hollyberry’s Christmas Gift, Mr. Hollyberry’s Christmas Gift, Sweet Dreams Bruno, Will You Still Love Me, If . . . ?, Here She Is!, and Too Big, Too Small.

Anne-Gaëlle Balpe lives and works in Paris. Writing novels is her passion and the books which fascinated her as a child are still her companions. She wishes to bring the fascination she experienced to children through her own stories.

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