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Maximillian Fly

Who can be judged on their appearance when individual actions define good and evil?

Maximillian Fly wants no trouble. Yet because he stands at six feet two, with beautiful indigo wings, long antennae, and more arms than you or me, many are frightened of him. He is a gentle creature who looks like a giant cockroach. This extraordinary human wants to prove his goodness, so he opens his door to two SilverSeed children in search of a place to hide.

Instantly, Maximillian’s quiet, solitary life changes. There are dangerous powers after them and they have eyes everywhere. But in this gray city of Hope trapped under the Orb, is escape even possible?


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 12 years of age.

You are about to meet an extraordinary human. His name is Maximillian Fly and he looks mostly like a giant cockroach: he stands six feet two and has beautiful indigo wings, long antennae, and more arms than you do. Some are frightened by his appearance, but really, he is a gentle creature and he wants no trouble. If you insist on following his journey, you will find yourself in the strange and often frightening city of Hope, which is trapped beneath a huge orb to protect it from the Contagion outside. You will meet his friends and his enemies, and you will see how Maximillian’s life takes a new direction when he opens his door to two Wingless children who need a place to hide. He will know you are watching him. Maximillian is proud and will try to prove his goodness to you. In this world, humans may look very different, some with wings and carapaces and some without, but inside they are alike …

The bestselling author of the Septimus Heap series, Angie Sage, delivers a gripping and darkly humorous tale of Maximillian Fly – a human with cockroach features – whose quiet life is upended when he aids two human children in their escape from an oppressive governing power. Maximillian Fly is a masterful story brimming with suspense, plot twists, and phenomenal world building. This compelling novel delves into family dynamics and themes of prejudice, making the case for tolerance, empathy, and understanding.

Angie Sage was born in London and grew up in the Thames Valley, London, and Kent. She loves the sea, spooky old houses, and time traveling (the easy way, by reading history books). Angie has created many books for children, including the New York Times bestselling series Septimus Heap and Araminta Spookie. She lives in England

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