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What is Manxmouse afraid of? He is afraid of the Manx Cat!

That night when the clock strikes thirteen, Manxmouse, who is made from ceramic, comes to life. In the dark a Clutterbumph tries to frighten him, but Manxmouse has not learned yet what fear means. Puzzled, Manxmouse sets off thinking about the Clutterbumph’s warning: He should beware the Manx Cat! But neither the Frog, Captain Hawk or the hound pack in the Great Bumbleton Mouse Hunt can tell him who the Manx Cat is and where to find him.

On his trip Manxmouse gets to know a film star named Nervous Nelly, a terrified tiger, the girl Wendy H. Troy and her likeable teacher, but he cannot find any peace. When Manxmouse is being caught and is to be sold by auction as he is the only Manxmouse in the world, he only has one thought. If meeting the Manx Cat is his destiny, then he does not want to avoid his destiny any longer.


This book is suitable for readers over 9 years old.

PAUL GALLICO (1897-1976) was born in New York City and studied at Columbia University. After serving in the First World War he became a journalist with the New York Daily News where he enjoyed particular acclaim for his sports writing. In 1936 Paul Gallico moved to Salcombe in South Devon where he became a full time writer, living in a house on a hill with his Great Dane and twenty-three cats. He became a notable war correspondent during the Second World War. Among Paul Gallico’s best known books are The Snow Goose (1941), a classic story of Dunkirk, and The Poseidon Adventure (1969), which was made into a very successful film. His magical stories about animals, particularly cats, are enduring favourites. These include Jennie (1950) and Thomasina (1957).

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