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Love and Chicken Nuggets (Pippa Morgan's Diary)

Will Pippa be able to find her mom a husband?

Pippa’s class has just been given a project all about “love”— gross! Luckily, there are lots of things she loves – like chicken nuggets and TV detectives, and her best friend forever, Catie Brown. But now that her mom is single, Pippa wonders whether she needs a little more love in her life.

She comes up with a way to handle two problems at once by making her mom the subject of her school project! Will Pippa be able to find her mom a husband? And can she get Catie to taste chicken nuggets for the first time ever?


This book is suitable for readers over 8 years old.

Annie Kelsey is inspired by her own tweenage disasters, which she used to record in a diary much like Pippa’s. Annie now lives a not-quite-so-disastrous life in London, England with her Family.

Kate Larsen is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kent. She graduated from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication with a first in Visual Information Design. Kate’s expertise lies in designing gift products, packaging and illustration, with a particular love of pattern, which features in her Midnight Colouring: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Sleepless Nights. Whether she is working from her studio at home or meeting clients in London, Kate is often accompanied by her trusty whippet, Peanut.

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