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Lou Caribou: Weekdays with Mom, Weekends with Dad

Reindeer Lou Caribou always looks forward to a reunion, either at his mother’s or his father’s home!

The little reindeer Lou Caribou lives together with his mother at the end of a green forest. But when the weekend starts Lou Caribou packs his suitcase to visit his dad on the other end of the forest. His mother takes him to the bus and in no time he is with his father. There he rides his bike almost without help, and when he is with his mother he even jumps from the diving board into deep water.

When Lou Caribou hugs his father to say goodbye, he is not sad. A week passes so quickly! Lou Caribou likes the way from his mother to his father just as he likes the one from his father to his mother, the two reindeers that love him!


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 8 years of age.

This book shows that parents who live apart still lovingly care for their child, and that their separation has not diminished their love for him. Adoring gestures all throughout the book prove that the young reindeer is loved by both of his paretns in equal measure. Through Lou’s story, small children can better comprehend and relate to the separation of their own moms and dads.

Marie-Sabine Roger discovered her love of words at the young age of four. Before she became an author of novels and children’s books, she taught in a kindergarten. She has now published numerous books in French, some of which have been translated into other languages.

After completing her studies in applied and decorative arts, Nathalie Choux learned how to design and build marionettes in Prague. Creating characters and personalities still fascinates her. Choux not only writes and illustrates books, but she also makes animals and fantastical creatures out of ceramic. These figures, in turn, influence the direction of her illustrations.

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