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Little Snowman Stan

Where will Little Snowman Stan find a real home? Maybe in Freezeland!

Little Snowman Stan stands on a hill with eyes made of coal, a carrot nose, a long scarf, a blue hat and a fork in his hand. He feels more and more bored and longs to move. But he keeps standing motionless on the spot like all the other snowmen around him. The snowman with the bucket on his head, secretly called Snow Soldier by Stan, gets always angry on his slightest movement.

Mr Tophat, the other tall snowman, also keeps advising him gently. But one day Stan cannot stand it any longer. He runs off feeling extremely happy. When he spots a lost bike, he mounts it and makes a wonderful discovery on his ride!


This book is suitable for children over 5 years old.

Guido van Genechten is an illustrator and the author of several bestselling children’s books, including “Because I Love You So Much, Little Kangaroo, No Ghost Under My Bed, “and the Ricky series. He is the winner of the Reader’s Digest Award for Best Children’s Books Illustrator and the Picture Book of the Year in Holland.

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