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Little Princess: I Want a Bedtime Story!

"That`s not as good as Daddy`s story!" said the Little Princess, and she still wouldn`t go to sleep ..."

Every bedtime the King tells the Little Princess a story before she falls asleep. When he’s away on royal business, everyone tries to make up a bedtime story for the Little Princess, but no one is as good as her dad.

Finally the palace maid has an idea … Little Princess can discover stories to read to herself at bedtime, in the palace library!


This book is suitable for children between 4 and 9 years of age.

Every night the King tells the Little Princess a story to help her fall asleep. But while he is away on royal business, no one can tell a bedtime story like her dad … so the Little Princess is NOT going to sleep.

Tony Ross has been illustrating books for over 40 years, and has been published all over the world. He is perhaps best known for his much-loved Little Princess series, which has been adapted for TV and is currently showing on Channel 5s Milkshake, and for his collaboration on David Walliams’ best-selling children’s books. Tony’s books have been shortlisted for the The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Slug Needs a Hug) and the Kate Greenaway (Dr Xargle’s Book of Earth Tiggers), and Tadpole’s Promise won the Silver Medal Smarties Prize. He has been named as the best-selling illustrator in the UK for three years in a row, and he is the UK’s libraries’ most-borrwed illustrator. He lives in Rutland.

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