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Little Guide to Gardening

Where do Leek World Championships take place? More on this in this great book!

What did kids in North America chew during long services to reduce their feeling of hunger? When do you grow potatoes? How do you layer little_guide_to_gardening1plants? You will find the answers to these questions as well as exciting information and beautiful illustrations in this book. In various chapters you will find out about the garden year, the cultivation and tending of flowers, fruit and veggies, shrubs and fruit-bearing trees, and also about garden animals. Moreover, there are lots of craft tips and yummy recipes.

Warning notices can be found in a reddish box and particular tips in a yellow one. Besides, there is a planting calendar for flowers, veggies and fruit. There is also a tick box for the plants you have grown. And you can note down all observations of your gardening year in the garden notebook. Have fun!


This book is suitable for children bewteen 5 and 7 years of age.

In this book kids do not only learn something about the history, cultivation and processing of fruit and veggies, their awareness for the circle of nature is raised at the same time. Thus, maybe, they start to look at nature, its residents and bountiful products and their processing from a fresh perspective.

Dr Jo Elworthy is Director of Interpretation at the Eden Project in Cornwall and has worked there since it opened communicating Eden’s story with the public. Jo Elworthy also works as a freelance author of children’s books and adults gardening books. She has also worked as a consultant, writer, lecturer, teacher and television producer specialising in horticulture and botany. Her career is based around the public understanding of science and environmental issues. Jo has a 1st class hons degree in Plant Science and a PhD in plant biochemistry. She lives in Cornwall with her family and garden.

Eleanor Taylor studied Architecture and after graduating spent several years working in London, including as a designer for Harrods. She is the creator of over thirty-five books for children. In her two most recent books, The Further Tales of Peter Rabbit and The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit, written by Emma Thompson, her great affinity for the countryside is beautifully reflected in the engaging characters and beautiful Scenes.

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