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Little Big

Is it better to be tall? Not necessarily!

Little_Big1If only the little brother was as tall as his big brother! Then he could read or climb onto a chair to grab the delicious cookies. If he had the long legs of a giraffe, he could overtake his big brother riding his bike. But he would not fit into the bike trailer anymore to snack on the cookies. If he had big hands like a gorilla, the little brother could open the cookie jar and eat up lots of cookies. But he would not fit into his playhouse anymore if he was as big as a gorilla.

If he had a big mouth like a crocodile, he could tell his big brother that he had to go to bed early! But, then, who would tell him funny stories after dinner? And if he was as big as a monster? However, it turns out that it is good to have small hands, small legs and a small mouth!


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 7 years of age.

Featuring delightful artwork and a relatable message, Jonathan Bentleys book will resonate with readers both big and little.

Jonathan Bentley has been an editorial illustrator for Australia’s Courier Mail for over ten years. He has illustrated twenty books for children, but Little Big is his debut as a children’s book author. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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