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Let's Make Some Great Fingerprint Art

How can you paint fingerprinting monsters? Have a look!

Let's_Make_Some_Great_Fingerprint_ArtFingerprinting is something really special. Each fingerprint is unique and can tell a lot about the person who has left it. You can do lots of things with fingerprints, a fact already known by our ancestors in the Stone Age! All you need is your fingers to create great pictures.  Sometimes a single finger is enough, sometimes you will need some of them or even your whole hand.



Let's_Make_Some_Great_Fingerprint_Art1In this great book you can put your own ideas onto paper or you can continue the pictures which have already been begun. By lots of examples on various pages it is explained what things are needed for your fingerprintings and how you should proceed. On particular pages you will also learn what is behind the pyramid of Chichen Itza, the Day of the Dead in Mexico or the totem poles in North America. Enjoy!



This book is suitable for children between 6 and 11 years of age.

Marion Deuchars is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning illustrator with an instantly recognizable and much-loved style. Marion’s artwork has graced the covers of Penguin Books, the pages of the Guardian and New York Magazine, and Advertising campaigns for Volkswagen, Ford and Formula One. From Jamie Oliver, to Carluccio’s to stamps celebrating The Royal Shakespeare Company, her illustration and lettering is unparalleled and highly influential.

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