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Let's Go to Italy!

Learn about all of the brave heroes and clever inventors in Italian history.

Join us as we travel across the beautiful Country – pick up some Italian phrases to order your favorite dishes when you go on holiday, learn about all of the brave heroes and clever inventors in Italian history, and find out about the origins of the most delicious food you can find on the planet.

From the Dolomites in the north, to Mount Etna in Sicily, Let’s Go to Italy! invites you to come along and explore the food, culture, history, and geography of this incredible country.


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 9 years of age.

Whether you’re fascinated by the history of Pompeii or would simply be happy with a big scoop of tasty gelato, dive into the wonders of Italy.

Monika Utnik-Struga A is a Polish lifestyle and design journalist, as well as a graduate of Italian studies. She is passionate about Italian design and Trecento art. Anna Adecka is a Polish painter and children s book illustrator. whose work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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