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Let's Garden: A Step by Step Introduction

How do you sow plants? More on this in this book!

How many hare droppings do you need for a planter? When can you harvest potatoes? The answers to these questions and lots of additional Let_s_Garden_A_Step_by_Step_Introduction2exciting tips and information can be found in this book. Before you start gardening, you should read the tips and off you go! You will find painted and written instructions including the necessary materials for all recipes, tips on plants and crafting ideas, f. ex. for the bean game, flower boxes, nursery pots and name stones.

You will learn on the corresponding pages how to plant weeds, how to produce garlic cream cheese made from homegrown garlic and its leaves, how you can grow potatoes in buckets and cultivate tomatoes. Moreover, on the very last pages you will find lots of tips on edible plants and some recipes. Have fun!


This book is suitable for readers over 8 years old.

Clara Lidstrom is a professional photographer and journalist, and she writes one of Scandinavia`s most popular blogs, UnderbaraClara. Encouraging an environmentally friendly, country-living lifestyle, she blogs about cooking, home decorating, home-growing food, and crafting. She lives with her family in Vasterbotten, Sweden.

Annakarin Nyberg also lives in Northern Sweden, where she works at Umeå University. The writer has a degree in computer science and writes books, gives lectures, and holds workshops with a focus on social media and digital economy.

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