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A bit of color and a lot of imagination can help against loneliness and boredom!

Journey1When nobody has time or is interested in you, a day can sometimes be grey and boring. But instead of sitting sadly on her bed, the little girl takes a red marker and draws a red door. Behind the door she sees a magical forest with mystically blinking strings of light in its treetops. When she discovers a small creek she quickly draws a red boat. At high speed she reaches a huge city with lots of towers and wondrous waterways.



Journey2When the waterway suddenly ends, the girl swiftly draws a red hot air balloon taking her up into the air. Suddenly she discovers iron airships in the sky pursuing a beautiful purple bird and trapping it in a golden cage. As she manages to free the bird, the girl herself is taken prisoner. But the bird can take the red marker to the girl and together they escape on a flying carpet. In a palm tree they discover a door and when they open it something wonderful happens!



This beautifully illustrated book is suitable for children over 5 years old.

Aaron Becker began drawing picture books at the age of eight. After many years of practice, he published his first wordless picture book, Journey, which was named a Caldecott Honor Book. He is now on a quest to share his books with as many young readers as possible. “There is nothing more gratifying than seeing kids hold one of my books close to their heart,” he says. “My hope is that these stories might inspire us all to place a bit more faith in the power of wonder.” Aaron Becker lives in the USA in Massachusetts, with his wife and daughter.

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