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Is That You, Wolf?: Beware! Not a Bedtime Story!

How does a wolf feel like? Find out with this book!

Is_that_you_Wolf1The wolf has been hiding. But where? Maybe he is hidden in the heap of straw, in the pigsty, in the hen house or by the pond? Brave little piglet wants to know it for sure and checks in the dark if the wolf is really there. He wants to save his friends on the farm after all.

But this turns out to be more difficult than imagined. Oh dear! Maybe you want to help brave little piglet and the other farm animals to look for the wolf? Has he hid in the cardboard pockets for instance? On the very last page you will find out about him together with brave little piglet and his friends!


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Steve Cox is an award-winning, professional illustrator living in the UK.


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