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Ice: Chilling Stories from a Disappearing World

"The Artic Fox's Coat has three times as many hairs in winter as in summer."

Packed with stunning CGIs, illustrations, and photography, Ice will take you on an amazing journey to our planet’s most beautiful but threatened environments. Discover how glaciers form, journey alongside intrepid polar explorers, and learn about the impact of climate change.

See also how people and other animals use and interact with ice. Travel from the ice ages to modern day and walk with mighty mammoths, patrol with leopard seals, witness icebergs calve, and navigate the treacherous Northwest Passage.


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 14 years of age.

From the vast polar ice caps to windswept mountains and frozen seas, come face to face with one of Earth’s greatest resources. Ice shows you extraordinary frozen worlds and the animals, plants, and humans that make them their home.

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