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I Heart Beat

How Beatrice`s grandmother can become happy again? By helping her to find a new husband!

As Beatrice’s mother has another go at rehab, she can’t go on holiday with her. Beatrice has to spend her vacations with her newly-widowed grandmother although she would be able to cope with her situation alone!  Anyway, to make her stay at her grandmother’s at least semi-bearable, Beatrice has to distract her by all means. The best bet is to find the ideal husband for her grandmother, but this turns out to be extremely difficult.

After all their vacation home is not in a megacity but almost in a jungle. When Beatrice gets to know awkward and talkative Toffie, the neighborhood boy, she decides to find a new husband for her granny with his help. And – surprise, surprise – there is no time to be bored when Toffie is around!


This book is suitable for readers over 13 years old.

Edyth Bulbring was born in Boksburg, South Africa and grew up in Port Elizabeth. She attended the University of Cape Town where she completed a BA whilst editing the University newspaper Varsity. Having worked as a journalist for fifteen years, including time spent as the political correspondent at the Sunday Times of South Africa covering the first ever democratic elections, Edyth moved into writing full time.

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