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I Am Princess X

Where is Princess X? May must find out!

After May has returned to Seattle to live at her father’s for a while, she discovers a sticker in a neighborhood which is to be demolished. The girl on the sticker is Princess X, the figure drawn by her friend Libby, who died three years ago. How can this be? May finds further images of Princess X and an internet address.

Clicking through the pages, May is convinced that Libby is alive and survived the accident on Ballard Bridge. When May’s father tells her that Libby’s mother was killed by a bullet and therefore steered her car into the water, May feels certain that Libby was able to get out of the car. But why has she never got in touch with May? And what about the mysterious hints on the Needle Man and various hidden artifacts? With the help of Trick, a hacker-for-hire, May finds out more and more about her best friend’s enigmatic disappearance. By doing so, it is not only May who is placed into lethal danger.


This book is suitable for readers over 12 years old.

Cherie Priest is the author of more than a dozen adult science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels, including “Boneshaker,” which won the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Kali Ciesemier’s work has appeared in the “New Yorker,” the “Los Angeles Times,” “Ebony,” “Mental Floss,” and many other publications. She lives in New York.

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