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How We Make Stuff: The Story Behind Our Everyday Things

What is produced from the raw materials of our planet? Find out!

Where do your burgers come from? Who invented chocolate? What are rubber ducks made from? This great non-fictional book deals with How_we_make_stuff2the things you use every day. Yoghurt pots, chocolate or trainers are made from different materials. In this wonderful book you will get to know where these materials come from. You will learn about the inventors of paper, plastic or chocolate and what effects will arise for our world due to the cultivation, production, utilization and non-utilization of the corresponding materials.

Great pop-ups, booklets and flaps make this exciting book a true goldmine of knowledge you should not miss. Today scientists study lots of the special abilities of our fauna. Some of them are later used to be transferred into everyday life. Besides, each of you can contribute to go as easy as possible on the ressources of our planet.


This book is suitable for readers aged 7 and 12.

Christiane Dorion is a writer and educational consultant who has taught sustainable development for over 20 years. She coordinated the WWF UK Primary Education programme. Her passion is to write books that will inspire children to understand how the world works and to take positive actions to protect it for future generations.

Beverley Young has worked with IPC Magazines, D.C. Thompson & Co. Ltd., and Makebelieve Ideas.

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