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How Much Does the Gray in an Elephant Weigh?

Is there an answer to any question? Not necessarily…!

How_Much_Does_the_Gray_in_an_Elephant_Weigh1Are the giraffe’s spots painted in and who draws the eyes on the peacock’s feathers? Why does the kangaroo have a pouch on its belly and does it need a backpack when it goes on a hike?

By means of rhyming couplets an inquisitive boy muses on numerous provocative questions. His grandad responds by a simple counter question, always making the grandson laugh. However, some questions  go unanswered, so that the boy can think up new imaginative questions!


This book is suitable for children aged 12 and 16.

Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os  are living together with their children in Tilburg, Netherlands. Both authors are writing books, songs and poems for children young and old.

Alice Hoogstad studied graphic arts and painting at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam, the present-day Royal Willem-de-Kooning Academy in the Netherlands. Since 1987 she focuses on illustrating children’s books.

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