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How Machines Work: Zoo Break!

How do pulleys work? Find out!

How_Machines_Work_Zoo_Break1Sloth and his buddy Sengi feel bored at the zoo and decide to make their way out of it. But how? Sengi gets an idea how to escape when watching the ants. Now he only has to wake up Sloth to get away climbing the pile next to the fence. But everything goes wrong. Sengi and Sloth are not willing to give up easily and try to nose out the perfect technology for their next attempt to escape.

This great book shows you how simple machines work. Be it inclined planes, wedges, levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, screws or more complex machines based on all these inventions, the functioning of different techniques is easily explained. There are flaps and pop-ups and even the cover is interactive. And you really should find out whether Sengi and Sloth manage to get away from the zoo. Have fun!


This book is suitable for readers aged 7 and 10.

Caldecott Medal award winner and MacArthur fellow David Macaulay has illustrated and written over 25 books for children. His most famous work includes The Way Things Work and Cathedral. His illustrations have been featured in popular, nonfiction books combining text and illustrations explaining architecture, design, and engineering.

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