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How Big is a Million?

Where can Pipkin find a million? Maybe close to his home!

How_Big_is_a_Million1Pipkin, the little penguin, has lots of questions. But most of all he would like to know how big a million is! The ten fish caught for him by his mum make no million! A million of fish is more than Pipkin could ever eat. After Pipkin has pondered on this for a while, he sets off to find a million. Along the way he meets a lot of penguins warming one another.

But neither one hundred penguins nor one thousand snow flakes discovered by Pipkin and a seal pup make a million. But where can Pipkin find one? Tired and with cold feet he disappointedly goes home. Today, he has found ten fish, one hundred penguins, one thousand snow flakes and a new friend. But where is the million he is so eager to find? But Pipkin’s mum knows exactly where to spot it!


This book is suitable for children over 2 years old.

Anna Milbourne is the author of many books for children, including How Big Is A Million, How High Is the Sky?, How Deep Is the Sea? and On the Moon.

Serena Riglietti is a published illustrator of children’s books. Some of the published credits of Serena Riglietti include How Big Is A Million?, The Boy and the Spell (Musical Stories series), Under the Ground, and The Magician’s Boy.

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