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Hello Goodbye: The Magic of Opposites

What are opposites? Find out!

hello_goodbye_the_magic_of_opposites1What is high and what is low? How do city and country look like? What is easy and what is difficult? Twenty-one pairs of opposites are collected in this book and with the help of a red and blue color filter you can bring them to life word by word. You will find this filter at the end of the book. When using the red color filter, you can spirit away the red pictures while making the blue ones visible and vice versa.

The word pairs can be found on a common page and are visible by using the varicolored filters. By doing so, you will get a good impression what opposites or word pairs are all about. After all, food can taste sweet or hearty and a dream can change into a nightmare. Have fun!


This book with beautiful illustrations is suitable for children between 3 and 8 years of age.

In a playful manner kids will be able to better recognize and understand opposites and word pairs by looking at them through the red color filter.

Delphine Chedru is a French graphic designer and comic book colorist. The author of more than 13 books for children, including Spot It! and Spot It Again!, she won the prestigious Prix P’tits Mômes in 2009. She lives in Paris.

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