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Heads Up Psychology

Psychology is all around us ...

Psychology is all around us — in the advertising we see, the politics we debate, and in the development of products we use every day. Using engaging graphics, Heads Up Psychology explores the big ideas from all areas of psychology including psychoanalysis, intelligence, and mental disorders.

With easy-to-understand coverage of all the approaches to psychology, and the ideas of more than 60 psychologists, from Asch to Milgram and Ramachandran to Zimbardo, this introduction to an often complicated subject is written with young-adult readers in mind, and is structured around the questions they often ask, like “How do I fit in?”, “Who needs parents, anyway?”, and “Why do I feel so angry all the time?”


This book is suitable for young adults over 13 years old.

Making a difficult topic easier to comprehend, Heads Up Psychology offers big ideas, simply explained, for teen readers. In Heads Up Psychology, psychological theories are explained with the help of cleverly conceived graphic illustrations and diagrams to show how they relate to everyday life. Biography spreads give interesting insights into the lives and work of Freud, Pavlov, and more, while other psychologists and their big ideas are profiled in a comprehensive directory, and case study panels describe groundbreaking experiments in the field.

Marcus Weeks was born and brought up in Hastings, on the south-east coast of England. Marcus has studied both Music and Musical Instrument Technology, and has worked as a teacher of Music, a tutor in English as a foreign language, an art gallery manager, a piano tuner/technician and restorer, a writer and editor, and composer and arranger, amongst other things. He has contributed to several encyclopedias and information books, for publishers such as Grisewood Dempsey and Dorling Kindersley.

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