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Why some things can become more important than winning?

Each year, for as long as the forest has stood, a contest is held for the bears of the wood and Fred is the champion. He’s just that good. Fred is the Best Bear in the wood – and he’s got the medals to prove it. Being the best takes a lot of hard work, and time on your own, but Fred doesn’t mind.

Until a new bear moves to town, and Fred’s champion GRRRRR goes missing. How will he ever win now? Or will Fred instead learn that some things are more important than winning?


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Winning medals certainly has its charm, but winning a friend is much nicer. Not only champion Fred and his new friend come to this realization, but also the children will notice this when looking at the beautiful picture book written by Bob Biddulph.

By day Rob Biddulph is the award-winning art director of the Observer Magazine. By night he makes up silly stories for his three daughters, and draws pictures to go with them. He lives and works in London, and his first book was the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize-winning Blown Away, starring Penguin Blue.

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