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Garbage Dog

Garbage Dog has a big heart for his animal friends ...

It`s a tough life for a dog living on the streets. It s no picnic having to fight for scraps, and no fun trying to find a dry spot to rest your head.

But even in the darkest of times, Garbage Dog keeps his spirits up and looks after his animal friends. Gorgeously illustrated and written in humorous rhyme, Garbage Dog is a sweet tale about kindness and what it means to be a true friend.


This book is suitable for children between 5 and 7 years of age.

A heartwarming tale about a dog that makes his way from the streets to a new home, discovering the true meaning of family and friendship along the way.

Robbie Wilkinson is an English author based in Amsterdam with a deep love for animals, creatures, monsters, and ghouls. He has worked for Nike, Google and Nickelodeon.

Eleni Kalorkotti is a Scottish illustrator who now lives in London, where she spends her days looking after her dog Peanut, and drawing for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Google, NBC, and Penguin Random House.

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