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Evolution Revolution

How did life begin on Earth? Find out!

Evolution_Revolution1How do mutations come into existence? You will find the answer to this question in this fantastic book together with exciting information, lots of photos, pictures, drawings and experiments. Whether it is about making a collecting box, experiments with peas or extracting your own DNA, there are no limits to your spirit of research.

In this book you will not only get to know Charles Darwin and the history of the development of all creatures on our planet (evolution), but also the coming into being of organisms (genetics) with all their special features is explained in short texts.  Charles Darwin’s life and his research on animals and plants and various fossils are presented on several pages. Beginning with Gregor Mendel and his experiments with peas, the refined  development of genetics is described in this book. But there is more you can learn about!


This book is suitable for readers aged 10 and 13.

Robert Winston is a highly acclaimed academician and medical doctor and Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London. He now runs a research programme at the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College that aims to improve human transplantation. Lord Winston has over 300 scientific publications about human reproduction and the early stages of pregnancy. He is also Chairman of the Genesis Research Trust – a charity which raised over £13 million to establish the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology and which now funds high quality research into women’s health and babies.

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