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Drastic Plastic & Troublesome Trash

How can we keep all our rubbish under control so that it doesn't ruin our planet?

We don’t think twice before we buy something new and when we go to the shops we take the packaging for granted. 

But where does all our rubbish go to and how can we keep it under control so that it doesn’t ruin our planet?


This book is suitable for readers over 7 years old.

This thoughtful but incredibly fun book enters the mysterious world of recycling, discovering how materials such as plastic, glass, paper and electronics are made and recycled. It also looks at the many ways we can help to reduce the amount of waste we throw out, has suggestions and activities for upcycling and explains how recycling is crucial to preserving the beautiful and life-sustaining world we live in.

Hannah Wilson is an accomplished writer and editor of children’s books who lives in Exeter, UK. Titles to her name include Flip the Flaps: Jungle Animals published by Kingfisher, Time for Bed, Tiger! from Templar, and Life-size Reptiles from Pavilion. She is also author of Carlton’s Augmented Reality title iexplore Bugs, which won a Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2018.

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