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Dragons Don't Eat Vegetables

What is a remedy against dragon snot? Maybe some fruit or a vegetable soup…!

When Bear and Ralphie snack on a basket full of tasty brambles and apples, they suddenly hear a loud thud. All woodland animals begin to search for the noisemaker together with Ralphie and Bear. And – surprise, surprise – a sneezing dragon has made a forced landing on the hill. As he is ill, he can only continue his flight when he feels better again. Oh dear, how can you stand the noise and dragon snot for long and what will you do if the dragon suddenly gets hungry?

Ralphie has a brilliant idea! What about apples, fruit and vegetables to get healthy again? Dragons don’t eat apples, they eat princesses or buffaloes, sausages and steak, explains the dragon. But maybe a vegetable soup, fruit, cucumber salad and lots of other tasty dishes will also help against dragon snot. Look for yourselves!


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Esther Miskotte crafts, draws and creates. She had multiple art exhibitions in Amsterdam and now channels her drawings into beautiful, poetic picture books.

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