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DKfindout! Stone Age

How big could woolly mammoths grow?

How did people survive during the Stone Age? What innovative tool did they refer to as a “thunderstone”? Find out the answers to these questions and more in DKfindout! Stone Age, which features photographs of ancient artifacts and relics, as well as illustrations and maps depicting how early humans hunted, communicated, and migrated across continents.

Readers will learn about the three main periods of the Stone Age – the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic – and the key developments of each era, from the creation of stone tools and weapons to the start of modern agriculture. DKfindout! Stone Age illuminates this important stage in our species’ past, providing kids with plenty of interesting details to pore over.


This book is suitable for readers between 6 and 9 years of age.

This fun, fact-filled book for kids ages 6–9 is the ultimate guide to the Stone Age, during which humankind took its first steps. Entertaining and educating young readers through a combination of close-up images, quirky trivia facts, quiz questions, and fascinating tidbits, it’s the perfect book for any kid who is curious about early human history.

Author Klint Janulis is an archaeologist expert in prehistory and experimental survival techniques. His background includes experience as a former enlisted US Special Forces soldier, combat medic, and survival instructor with a background in palaeoanthropology. He is applying his experience to archaeology to better understand the mind, technology, and hunting practices of prehistoric humans.

Consultant James Dilley is an experimental archaeologist and specialist in European Prehistory at the University of Southampton.

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