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Darkmouth 01

How do you fight legends successfully? By courage, good ideas and some help!

Finn’s family has been dealing with the unusual task of fighting legends or monsters. But Finn is far from enjoying it. Moreover, the fixed date for his completion ceremony and his responsibility for the small town of Darkmouth gets nearer and nearer. When Finn steers an operation, fighting legends mostly results in destruction. Why is it he who has to be the last legend hunter and why are the legends still able to get to Darkmouth?

When Finn’s new classmate wants to meet him by all means, he is very sceptical. But Emmie doesn’t give up, she is eager to learn as much as possible how to hunt legends. While hunting a Hogboon, Finn finds a mysterious crystal. Together with his dad he tries to find out about it with the help of Mr. Glad, his dad’s friend of old times. But their consultation is not successful. And what about the Hogboon’s message that the legends will rise up and the boy will fall?


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 12 years of age.

Shane Hegarty was the Arts Editor of the Irish Times, but left to be a full time writer after DARKMOUTH sold in a frenzied auction at Bologna Book Fair in 2013. He lives with his family near Dublin.

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