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Cupcakes and Contests - Best Friends' Bakery (03)

Will Hannah be the ‘Best Junior Baker’? Who knows…!

Hannah and her friend Mia adore baking. And when Hannah learns that the TV program ‘Junior Brilliant Baker’ is open for auditions, Hannah and Mia apply at once. When they actually get an invitation regarding screen tests for the selection round, both girls compete against each other to create new baking recipes.

Finally, Hannah and Mia convince the jury with their ideas, but Mia is knocked out of the contest nevertheless. She doesn’t care not being in the contest any longer, she has not liked the interviews at all. Hannah gears up for the next round and everything revolves around recipes and the TV program. There is no time left for her family and friends and Hannah gets more and more nervous. Will she manage to reach the next selection round? And what will her friends say if she really has no time for them anymore?


This book is suitable for readers aged 9 and 12.

Linda Chapman is the million-copy-selling author of such series as My Secret Unicorn, Stardust, Skating School, Not Quite a Mermaid and Loving Spirit. Linda lives in Leicestershire with her husband, two daughters and their three Dogs.

Kate Hindley is a children’s book illustrator living and working in Birmingham, UK. Her first picture book illustrations appeared in The Great Snortle Hunt.

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