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Creatures of the Order

Discover the beauty of order in the animal kingdom!

What do an elephant seal and a leopard have in common? How about a slow loris and a gorilla, or a peacock and a turkey? Creatures of the Order collects members of the same taxonomic order together in an informative and beautifully illustrated way.

Fascinating text brings Kelsey Oseid’s charming illustrations to life in this enchanting look at the animal kingdom.


This book is suitable for readers over 8 years old.

Jules Howard is a zoology correspondent, non-fiction author and science presenter. As well are writing regularly for The Guardian and BBC Wildlife Magazine, Jules appears regularly on TV and radio, including BBC Breakfast, Springwatch Unsprung and Sunday Brunch.

Fay Evans is an author of rhyming stories for fabulously illustrated books aimed at children aged from two to eight years (pre-school to Year 3). She writes fun tales for children and grownups to enjoy reading together, at bedtime or anytime. Fay’s love of writing started at the age of eight, when she won a prize at primary school for her joined-up handwriting. She then wrote a diary every day for over ten years, telling the everyday story of school and teenage life. Her first proper job was as a reporter for a local newspaper. Fay has spent most of her career working in the PR industry, writing news stories and content for websites. Over the years she has written scripts for short films and sitcoms, as well as ideas for TV comedy dramas.

Kelsey Oseid is an illustrator, author, and amateur naturalist. Her gouache illustrations focus on natural history subjects like taxonomy, biodiversity, and taxidermy, as well as related subjects like astronomy and the ways humans relate to the natural world.

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