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Counting Lions: Portraits from the Wild

What is the protection status of different wild animals like? Find out!

Counting_Lions1Have you ever seen the impressive face of a lion? What does it think about? Aside from the lion, there are 9 awesome animals you can get to know by the fantastic drawings and wonderful short texts in this book. Their characters and their way of life are described in detail on a spread. However, the population of many of these striking animals will decline further if we, the humans, do not take steps to protect them!

The preface of this masterfully drawn non-fictional picture book was written by well-known English animal protectionist Virginia McKenna. She is a British stage and film actress who founded the Born Free Foundation. This foundation has developed into a global association for the protection of wild animals. If you want to learn more about these endangered species and their habitats and how to become involved, you will find lots of information and organizations in the book and on the internet.


This wonderfully illustrated book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Katie Cotton studied English at Oxford University and worked in education before becoming a writer and editor of children’s picture books. She lives in London.

Stephen Walton is a self-taught, award-winning artist who works at Bury Art Museum in Manchester, U.K. He lives in England.

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