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Countdown to Christmas

Why is Bear giving them all these presents? What is his big surprise?

Christmas is coming and the countdown has begun! Bear has made a Christmas game for his friends, with a present to find each day.

There’s a toy cow on wheels for Hedgehog and a candy cane for Raccoon but some of the other presents seem a bit strange. Beaver gets some straw and Toad gets some donkey ears! And what is Badger supposed to do with a tea towel?


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 5 years of age.

Join in the festive fun as the characters open their presents one by one to reveal a fun festive finale! Countdown to Christmas comes with a festive advent calendar gift so you can count down to Christmas along with the characters!

Adam Guillain is a children’s writer, musician and a co-founder of Storytelling Schools.

Charlotte Guillain worked as an editor and teacher before becoming a full-time author. She often writes with her husband Adam, and their most recent title is ‘Supermarket Gremlins‘, illustrated by Chris Chatterton. The first title in the George’s Amazing Adventures series (illustrated by Lee Wildish), ‘Spaghetti with the Yeti‘, was shortlisted for nine awards including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and has co-editioned in seven territories. Other titles in the series include ‘Marshmallows for Martians‘, ‘Doughnuts for a Dragon‘, ‘Pizza for Pirates‘ and ‘Socks for Santa‘.

Pippa Curnick is an illustrator and freelance designer who grew up in rural Essex and spent most of her childhood climbing trees, jumping over ditches and daydreaming in her treehouse. She studied at Camberwell College of Art before graduating from the University of Derby with a degree in Illustration.

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