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Cody and the Fountain of Happiness

What is the most beautiful thing in the world for Cody? Summer vacation and a family that sticks together!

Cody is happy! Finally, summer vacation has started and it is only Cody’s mother who is a bit worried as Cody and her big brother, Wyatt, are going to be on their own during this week. Even Cody’s first attempt to wake up her tired brother goes wrong. However, being a great animal lover Cody prefers helping to rescue MewMew. By doing so she gets to know Spencer who stays at his grandma’s.

When Mom comes home she has already found a babysitter for Cody. Ironically, it is just the girl Wyatt has been secretly in love with for a long time! Maybe a bit of hypnosis would help him to screw up his courage to get in touch with Cody’s babysitter? After all it has worked out for MewMew, the cat of Spencer’s grandmother! Cody knows exactly what she has to do now.  She is not only a perfect cat rescuer but also a loving sister, good friend and hypnotist!


This book is suitable for readers aged 7 and 10.

Tricia Springstubb is the author of Cody and the Fountain of Happiness, illustrated by Eliza Wheeler; the picture book Phoebe and Digger, illustrated by Jeff Newman; and other books for children. She has worked as a Head Start teacher and a children’s librarian. She lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Eliza Wheeler is the illustrator of Tricia Springstubb’s Cody and the Fountain of Happiness and the Newbery Honor Book Doll Bones by Holly Black, among other books for young readers. Originally from northern Wisconsin, she now lives in Los Angeles.

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