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Close to the Wind

How can Malik build his future? By a trick and with the help of new friends!

Malik and his grandfather Papa are refugees, but there is only one ship left that receives refugees. Malik’s biggest concern is his mother. Will she be able to join them in time? Papa tries everything to buy tickets for the ship. But his money is not enough! When, on top of that, somebody steals Papa’s diamond which he has taken with him as a precious reserve, there is only one exit left!

With the help of a trick Papa manages to get a ticket for Malik. But now, against his will, Malik is on his own – without Papa and his mother and the chance to see them again. When Malik spots the jewel thief aboard the ship, he only has one aim. He must retrieve the diamond to safeguard his family’s future. But this turns out to be more dangerous than Malik has assumed.


This book is suitable for readers aged 12 and 15.

Jon Walter is a former photo-journalist who lives in East Sussex. A long time ago he went to Warwick University and studied English & Theatre. His critically acclaimed debut novel for children, Close to the Wind, was longlisted for the 2015 Carnegie Medal.

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